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Conservatory Cleaning and Window Cleaning in Worthing

If you own a property in Worthing that sits by a busy roadside, it’s almost a certainty that your home or conservatory windows are being dirtied by traffic film. If you live in a more scenic part of Worthing, tree sap and falling debris have probably left glass panes around your property looking rather unsightly. Wouldn’t it be great to have a conservatory cleaning and window cleaning team available with nothing more than just a single phone call?


Meet LRB Cleaning Services, the friendly conservatory cleaning and window cleaning company with an established reputation and a growing client portfolio not just in Worthing, but also throughout the wider West Sussex area. If you need service providers who make cleanliness and hygiene the backbone of their business, we want to hear from you.


“We’re different to other window and conservatory cleaning companies”


Yes, that right. And we know it’s hard to imagine window cleaning being that much different from one company to another. We’re sure plenty of people in Worthing can only see conservatory cleaning being done in a certain way too. If your impression of cleaning companies is one of ladders, buckets and cloths, we’d like you to stay here for a moment.


Window Cleaning


LRB Cleaning Services use modern water-fed pole systems for window cleaning work in the Worthing and West Sussex areas. This use of this system doesn’t just make it safer for our operatives to go about their work. Because no ladders are involved in our window cleaning, homeowners never need to worry about property exteriors becoming marked or damaged.


• Window cleaning and frame cleaning is made simple with water-fed pole systems

• A height of approximately 20m can be reached with our extending poles

• Ladders, scaffolding and cherry pickers aren’t needed – EVER!

• Health and Safety risks are minimised for our team and for our clients

• Suitable for window cleaning, facades, roofline products and cladding

• Operators work from ground level at your Worthing or West Sussex property

• Perfect for windows in difficult access areas

• Pure water is used to leave smear-free finishes with no chemicals used

• A more private service is assured with fewer disturbances

• More economical than traditional window cleaning practices


Conservatory Cleaning


Because the water-fed pole system is also used for conservatory cleaning work in and around Worthing, customers receive all of the immediate benefits we can provide with our windows cleaning services. Operatives positioned directly above glass roofing panels, in particular, are always in a possible position of danger with traditional conservatory cleaning.


Because the poles we use for window cleaning and conservatory cleaning are extendable, the operatives working at your Worthing or West Sussex property will always be on the ground. The pure water used with our systems is highly effective and can eat into dirt, grime and residues with ease to leave conservatory glass completely clean and looking like new.


Call 01903 521365 or 07917 407329 for modern window cleaning and conservatory cleaning services in Worthing where the latest water-fed pole systems are used on every job.